Britain as an island is surrounded by water and as luck would have it the edges of our beautiful country have given us sea cliffs that are the envy of the climbing world. Climbers travel from all over Europe and even America to climb on these rugged cliffs but for us some are just a few hours drive. Climbing on sea cliffs is often seen as the most desirable aspect of climbing in Britain. Climbers are naturally cautious as many of these sea cliffs are difficult to find and to access. Abseiling or traversing just above the sea are common ways to get into the cliffs and the tides have to be right.

Tony will take you to any of these incredible sea cliffs and teach you how to climb on them safely. Venues include Gogarth in North Wales, and Pembroke and Gower in South Wales. North and South Devon and all around the Cornish Coast. Portland and Swanage are also popular destinations.

Tony also runs courses on the magnificent sea cliffs of Spain and Sardinia.

Thank you for such a well run course. Both Matt and I had a fantastic time and learned loads of tips and tricks….
Gavin Christmas CWA candidate



The Old Man of Hoy